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About Palette

Palette was established in Shenzhen by a group of like-minded professionals, who have been engineering LED Displays in the industry for several years. The group’s objective is to develop a category that provides Innovative LED Displays without compromising on Quality and Price.

With our in-house R&D facility, we offer an extensive line of standard as well as unconventional led display products and related services that are appropriate for a variety of applications. Besides the standard models, customized requests are undertaken to meet specific needs depending individual needs.

We are a young company with a very customer oriented approach and corporate responsibility guidelines. With the product and manufacturing experience as our core strength, we work with each enquiry individually to ensure the best outcome for the project.

As with all things, a happy client is a satisfied client and that is our path to growth.

What We Do

Design and engineering

Palette focuses on not just the led display, but the experience of our led display products. Our product manager and R&D engineers constantly try to innovate the products to maximize end user experience positively and minimize operational costs.

Our services include

  • Designing your customized led display needs
  • Consultation services for major projects
  • Structural planning and drawing services


Excellence in quality and on-time delivery is at the forefront of the company’s goal. A perfect production process is the basis for a perfectly finished product
Palette is a highly qualified and reliable provider of led display products. Our skilled team enable us to achieve the high standards of Quality and performance that our customers have come to expect from Palette. All our assemblies are diligently tested and recorded, both in line with our customers’ specifications and our own stringent standards.

Our Commitment

  • Creating a competitive advantage and greater value by minimizing wastage, introducing more effective production process, and having a better allocation of resources.
  • Ensuring all led displays that undergo strict, systematic quality assurance procedures, with testing including but not limited to vibration, operations and reliability before leaving our manufacturing facilities.