Rental--Transcend Series

Fully Independent Modular Design

Magnetic modules and independent control box design makes the installation and uninstallation process a breeze. With the Front and Rear accessibility feature, replacing modules and maintenance tasks are also simplified.

Integrated cabling system

Power and Signal feature integrated connector design. With IP67 waterproofing, shockproof and stable cabling connection between modules and control box, the product reduces failure rate by up to 90%.

Single Person Operation

Magnet-assisted assembly enables automatic positioning, requiring only a single person to install / uninstall the display leading to further savings on labor cost.

Innovative Angle Adjustment Lock System

Re designed locking system with inner and outer arc from 0︒ to ±5° to ±10° for that fine tuning needs.

Complete installation hardware

Installing LED display becomes a simple job with our ancillary Hanging and Stacking structure components.

Led Panel Spec. Pixel pitch 2.8mm 3.9mm 3.9mm 4.8mm
Application Indoor Indoor Outdoor Outdoor
Pixel Density(dot/m²) 123904 65536 65536 43264
Panel Dimention(WxH*D) 500*500*85mm
Material Die casting
Panel Weight(Kg) ≤7.5 ≤7.5 ≤7.8 ≤7.8
Servicibility Front and Rear serviceable compatibility
Brightness(m²) ≥800 ≥1000 ≥5000 ≥5000
View Angle(50% brightness) 140° Horizontal, 140° Vertical
Electrical Spec. Power Consumption(Max/m²) 500W/m² 480W/m² 600W/m² 560W/m²
Power Consumption(Avg.m²) 200W/m² 190W/m² 250W/m² 220W/m²
Operation Voltage AC100-240V(50-60Hz)
Processing Refresh Rate 1920~3840
Gray Scale ≥16bit
Operation condition Operating Tem/Humifity -20℃~50℃, 10~90%RH
Storage Tem/Humifity -40℃~60℃, 10~90%RH
IP Rate IP31 for Front/ Back Front IP65 / Back IP54