Sports--Sportura Series

Ultimate choice for the highest standards expected in the sporting industry

With up to 3840 HZ refresh rate the sportura range enables the high-speed camera to capture any HD image of the display without any fade effect. Stunning images and video playback not just for the audience in the stadium but also the fans viewing at home on their televisions.

Score keeping software

In addition to hardware we also provide a choice of score keeping software developed by experts in the industry.
The sport specific software combined with the sportura display series ensures a successful deployment.


Whilst the primary usage is for perimeter LED advertising boards the individual cabinets can also be utilized for large format displays to take advantage of on and off-site opportunities

Ultra thin design

With a thickness of 100mm and weighing only 35kg, it is up to 25% less than the nearest, similarly specified product available in market.

Dual power supply and data backup system

Redundancy technology incorporated for both power and data ensures complete efficiency and reliability for uninterrupted operation securing advertising revenues.

Adjustable angle

With folding and telescopic arms behind the cabinet, design enables the display to be adjusted (0 ~35 degree) according to different applications and achieve the best viewing angle.

EMC Standard

In line with the regulatory requirements, our products can be provided with EMC standards and certification. This is achieved through exacting build qualities, research, development, investment and our professional engineering expertise.

Led Panel Spec. Pixel pitch 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
Pixel Density(dot/m²) 62500 40000 24414 15625 10000
Panel Dimention(WxH*D) 1280*960*110mm
Material Aluminum profile
Panel Weight(Kg) 《32Kg
Servicibility Front and Rear serviceable compatibility
Brightness(m²) ≥4500cd/m² ≥5500cd/m² ≥6500cd/m² ≥6500cd/m² ≥6500cd/m²
View Angle(50% brightness) 140° Horizontal, 140° Vertical
Electrical Spec. Power Consumption(Max/m²) 600W/m² 480W/m² 500W/m² 530W/m² 450W/m²
Power Consumption(Avg.m²) 250W/m² 190W/m² 200W/m² 210W/m² 180W/m²
Operation Voltage AC100-240V(50-60Hz)
Processing Refresh Rate 1920~3840
Gray Scale ≥16bit
Operation condition Operating Tem/Humifity -20℃~50℃, 10~90%RH
Storage Tem/Humifity -20℃~50℃, 10~90%RH
IP Rate Front:IP65  Back:IP65